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Siemens Logo! 0BA7 0BA8 Android HMI App

google play android app siemens logo 0ba7 0ba8 hmi

At first install and start/run
You might think the app looks dull
Empty screen, no preconfigured i/o test screen
But take some time to test the app, its wurth it, the app is a hidden Gem

android app user manual

the Facebook page siemens logo android hmi app

HMI=human machine interface *screen, keyboard, mouse, touchscreen like things

My test screen created with the app on HTC one mini Android phone
To test some inputs and outputs on app en logo plc
Doesnt this quick test screen looks good?
the heart is a memrelay puls on the logo of half a second on/off so i have a visual heartbeat on the phone showing the communication is still ok
if you connect a mouse to your tablet or phone editing or dragging objects to the right position is much easier

My boss wanted me to do a plc training
he hates it when i say boss, he says dogs have bosses
i dont like messing with the plcs at work
they are to complex in my opinion
if a machine stops because of me
then 200 people are wasting time
200x wasted time is allot of money
Can hire a proffesional plc programmer for that with knowledge and software from the program/plc, and even they make mistakes wich results in down time
but i did program some clockner moeler easy relays in the past
maybe i should play a litle wit it again
bought a second hand crouzet millenium3
whas not so happy with is capabilities
spend some time to see what brand has most capabilities
thought siemens logo was the best of the tiny plcs
network sdcard and bigger ladderdepth
dissapointed when i bought it to see the webbrowser and app posibilities
see no way to create my own webpages in the webbrowser in logo
siemens logo app is also almost useless
downloaded some apps from google play
at first the app from ALAIN HENNEUSE looks dull / poor
but if you look better at it you will see how good the app is
much is possible with it
you can create multiple pages with loads of inputs and outputs

strange that there is no pasword on the siemens logo 102 port
not smart that i open port 102 to the world is the internet adres on my router
forwards to on te logo
but i can tell my router wich android phone mac adresses are allowed
so that should give some safety in my opinion

some thingd i noticed with the app

tripple dot upper right seems to be running but connection is not ok
so i programmed a half a second puls to a mem relay
in the app i show a hart every time its high
so you have a half a second hartbeat hart image show in the app
that way i now the connection is active

on htc one mini i have only HMI app screen in landscape

on samsung s3 mini i have only HMI app screen in portrait

on HTC one mini i notticed that when you exit the program by pressing > twice
the connection stays active
you have to press htc home button twice a close the app
also a little app activity in samsung background i think
 you can change page orientation Edit=>Tools=>Current Background=>PAGE ORIENTATION check or uncheck

Sorry to say but with a cheaper Raspberry Pi you can do a lot more

Arduino Automatic Chicken Coop Door
Automatischer HuhnerKlappe
Automatischer HuhnerTuhr
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