A mouse and an old pc as
Poor Man's Digital Read Out
2 axis PMDRO

DOS with PC
A serial 9 pins sub-D mouse connected to com1
A mouse driver loaded on com1
The program encode5.zip
Think this is the pascal source mouseencodesource.zip

Mangle that old mouse and use it on your Lathe, xy-table etcetera


I have an old Huvema HU450 lathe and there is no nonius on the wide axis
So by using a fishing line and place it on the lathe with old mouse&pc
i have used a 5mm axis x 3.14 / 200 mouse encoder = a readout off  0.0785mm
its not perfect but much better as nothing

On startup you can set the X an Y movement pro puls = resolution
Left mouse button resets Xaxis to 0
Right mouse button resets Yaxis to 0

Keep the encoder wheels and components covered from outside light
The mice i have seen have 100 to 200 pulse pro rotation
You can draw your own  encoder wheels and print/copy on plastic overheadsheet
Maximum tracking rate for Microsoft mouse is 40 reports/second * 127 counts per report = 5080 counts per second

 Zoltar asked me if i could make this 2-axis PMDRO http://www.rcmodels.net/cnc/
MORE INFO!!! Zoltar is starting an info/faq/foto page about this pmdro

another DRO  http://www.timgoldstein.com/kulagadro/dro.html
Stefan Keller-Tuberg mouse info http://www.geocities.com/kellertuberg/telescope/design_notes.html

Thinks this (boondog) one is better counting is done by ls7266 IC (2 axis) and not by software
And read 3 bytes position val when desired
Boondog ISA Card  http://www.boondog.com/%5Ctutorials%5C7266%5C7266.htm


digital read out
mouse wheel
mouse handler

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