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Luberth, mynheer:

Enclosed are the two files for engraving an l297-298 chopper board. they are in Danplot *.asc format and are set at the same zero point.( center of the circuit board.) after you mill the
outlines, change to a 1mm drill and drill the board with the smaller file. I will send you a component placement chart as soon as possible.
If you try this and find it useful, please post it on your site. sorry to take so long; I know I promised these almost a year ago. apologies.

Paul Jones

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 Files  are  New297a.asc      and         N_297hol.asc
i have packed them to because geocities does not accept *.asc as file extention

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 The program DanCad DanCam DanPlot  to view run these *.asc files you can find at

Screenshot of new297a.asc

Screenshot of new297a.asc
Screenshot of N_297hol.asc

Screenshot of N_297hol.asc