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The next screenshot is really a DOS program!
It runs wel on an old 386 / 486 computer (And the good thing is. There are millions of them workless. Almost for free)
Ferns Paanakker added curves to TTF

Version22 DOS Screenshot
Trying to implement TTF text


Version 14 DOS Screenshot
The text/*.DXF is created with  Deskengrave from DesKam a Free program
And converted from *.DXF to a HPGL file with a CADdrawing program
The red lines are outside tablearea
if this is when output is on then the axis that is outside wil stop moving
and when its inside tablearea it will start moving again

Version 13 DOS Screenshot

Version7 DOS screenshot

Version6 DOS screenshot

Version6 DOS screenshot

Version6 DOS screenshot

version5 screenshot

version5 screenshot file open

Version4 screenshot

Direct motion Control only works NICE / PERFECT in REAL DOS mode
You can run this program in a DOS box but windows wil interupt the program now and then
This program may have effect on your Clock (restart youre computer and all is as before)
Maybe you wil have to set your clock to the present time