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DEFINITION: A "bitza" is a device that is a homologation of assemblies taken from redundant equipment, or to put it another way, a "bizta" is made up of bits and pieces hoarded over the years in the knowledge that one day they would be useful.

RULES: To satisfy the IFBB (International Federation of Bitza Builders) definitions and build requirements the following conditions need to be met:

1. No virgin material can be used in the construction (except as in 3).

2. Ideally all components should be traceable to their original builder and function.

3. Electronic components can be a mixture of new and used items, although preference will be given to used items, and as a result all IFBB judging and scoring will reflect this.

4. Extra points will be given where the original equipments name or manufacturer are visible.

Taking the above into consideration the following is presented for public viewing.

Front, top view

Rear ,top view

Aerial view

Right hand side

Left side

Top down left side

As can be seen this is really just a collection of "bits and pieces".

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