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Qbasic plotter vinyl cutter

Rotating knife Fabric cutter

People keep asking me for software for rotating knife control
so that the knife is pointed into direction of movement
for cutting thick materials on the plotter xyz table

Next is an old plotter/cutter program i played with years ago
not sure if this is really the working program
but maybe it will get you started
stepper motors  phase control (no z-axis yet  i think)

maybe interesting for people with more time then money
or countries where labor is cheap and machines to expensive
with some modification you can make a simple but nice cutting-machine of it

and even Qbasic runs quite nice/fast on nowadays computers
(i used a 486dx2-66 wayback and it worked nice/fast if screen output turned off)

Theqbasic file with an example HPGL / PLT drawing => plotcut.zip
Let me know how you did  send me some pictures to show here  nochit

(Drawing HPGL file made with Dr.Engrave a program tht comes with Roland engraving machines)

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