Vectorizing Pictures

How can one compare his results with other works from a paper or book?
Typing them in by hand is neither much fun nor very accurate.
The following program may help you with it.
This program is for vectorizing graphs such as profiles or pressure distributions from an image. For automatic vectorizing the lines should have lines with one pixel size and the image should have white background color. If the results of vectorizing are not sufficent, use the Pick Points feature to pick some points on the graph by hand. See the Help - Page for detailed information.

On the right should apear a button!!!
Other images at same location: nederland.gif 

A start button should come above
hereMay take some time to load!!! 

May take some time to load!!!
Other images at same location nederland.gif suske.gif wheel.gif

the vector output of this applet has a lot of penup movement
treid to optimise the path
this was the best i could came up with (only have done lowest possible technical school ;-)

yellow are imagelines
bleu are penuplines
red is traced by basic program   -> a search in the 8 directions around a pixel
gray is a spiral scan  -> search for nearest yellow pixel

as you can see number of bleu penuplines is reduced and the path is better organised
 The Qbasic program Trace Optimise reduce penuplines
Just a simple basic program   =>

The optimised trace data saved as HPGL Plot File and engraved in alluminum plate
Less useless penupmovement and thus much faster
Easy to use industrial text engraving / product marking


 Visual Basic Example of Raster image Edge detection

 Lots of interesting java graphic code

 My Homebuid basic plotter page
Easy to use industrial text engraving / product marking

This Page is located here in case you saved this file to disk