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The Virtual Clock (the ultimate in novelty clocks)

A rotating bar of LED lights strobe the face

Discontinued by Manufacture. Sorry.

Clock (off) showing strobe bar not spinning.
Note the size, 19" in Diameter & transparent case.

Note the strobe has two blue lights at the ends all the rest of the lights are red (the yellow in the photos is a camera exposure problem)
Some modes have programmable text
One of 30 clock patterns
Sweep second hand mode

Virtual Clock Features

30 different display modes with remote control for all settings.

When you don't want the distraction just turn off with the remote (continues to keep time).

Using the remote you can enter messages of 25 characters "Happy Bithday Dad."

Good display even in well lit rooms.

Has a countdown mode to any date (i.e. birthday, anniversary, etc.)

Includes a date display mode.

Several of the display modes are delightfully psychedelic.

Great for parties and game rooms.

SSome customers have removed the platic case so the strobe bar is just running in mid air to enhance the mystery of the display.

Dimensions 20": X 20" X 5-1/8"
Shipping wt. 16 lbs. but box is oversized so has to ship at 30 lb. rate.
Power 120 VAC 50 or 60 Hz.
Warranty 90 days on parts and labor.

MMinor things to be aware of (I want you to be informed)

This is a wall mount clock with a transparent acrylic case making the power cord visible.

(The power cord is black, you may want to change its color to help hide it).

Comes with a template and hardware (mollie bolts) for wall mounting and it weighs 10 lbs!

(The face is about 6" from the wall, it is thick)

There is a small amount of assembly required (8 screws).

There is some "jitter" near the outer edge display.

Although the spinning motor is very quiet it is not silent (like a small fan on low speed).

It only has a 90 day warranty??? We have gotten very good at designing motors that run at much higher speeds than this clock for many years, (example, disk drives in computers), but who knows???.

So why offer it to my customers with these negatives?

The Virtual Clock is very unique, quite special and great fun! Unless you are a continuous party animal and want it on all the time, it should last for many years. Note: I am not recommending for -- on all the time.

Price $239 ($60 off of retail) + $11 for CA to $20.75 for east coast shipping.


To order by phone or ask question call 1-800-328-1895