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"Spin" is an array of LEDs on a keychain that, when spun, draw a clock face to the air. Clockwise motion draws the image to the user, counter-clockwise to the audience in front of the device.

The device combines a traditional pocket watch and a public time display into a very small wearable device that doubles as a keychain. The present miniaturisation of technology has meant that personal devices like watches tend to become smaller and smaller. We introduce a bodily interaction method, that enables a creation of large display with a small device. A time keeping piece that has a central function in displaying information to the surroundings as well as to oneself also comments on the increasing introversion in how personal devices are currently designed to be used.

The LED array in the body of the device is controlled by a PIC-microcontroller and an inbuilt miniature accelerometer. The spinning speed, that can be deduced from the acceleration readings, is used to pulse the LED draw to create a steady circular image in space. The accelerometer is also used for the gestural input when setting the time and date.

"Spin" has three different display modes: analog, digital and hybrid. In the analog mode, an arc is drawn where the leading edge shows the current hour and the far edge the minutes. Digital mode shows the current time and date in digits in the top and bottom quadrants of the display respectively. The hybrid mode provides instant overview of time but with the accuracy of digital display; the digital number display is rotated around the clock face as the hour hand.

Disguised as a keychain, equipped with very compact electronics board and power with a standard AAA batter for approximately one year per charge, "Spin" is a feasible and affordable critical design product seamlessly integrating to our portable apparel.

A snapshot of the current iteration of the Spin in digital display mode.
A closeup of the current prototype with 8 segment display.

A test drive of the first prototype.
The first prototype board.
Jussi Angesleva & Stephen Hughes | Media Lab Europe Copyright 2004

original page location http://home.digital.udk-berlin.de/~jussi/projects/spin/
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original page location http://home.digital.udk-berlin.de/~jussi/projects/spin/