Bought this Roland pen plotter for 200 Euro on MarktPlaats
Looks verry good
PenPressure goes upto 125gram so it will cut most vinyl without modifications
Pitty the plexiglass cover is missing

First test using a Roland swivel knife/knive holder
Blade fully extracted and penforce set to 125gram because this is hard pvc vinyl
excellent plotter => peeling weeding this yahoo.ttf text was verry easy
verry good plotter for vinyl cutting with NO modifications

i used the plotter with the parallel cable connected
and SignGo software under windows XP

the HP serial plotter cable did not work
Not sure what sort of pinout this Roland plotter should have
No info in the manual and cannot find any info on the internet
Could you tell me a pinout? => please send it to me => info   @

Roland drafting plotter GRX-350 GRX450 user's Manual

80 gram penforce 10centimeter per second
replot from buffer
Used RDGL3 = lower left origin   because SignGo cannot handle center origin=(RDGL2)
why no penforce set from software in RDGL3?

Movie of this pen plotter cutting a sticker / decal
and weeding peeling of sticker vinyl

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here you can buy roland swivel knife knive holders for pen plotters

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