Some Projects with
MicroChip Pic 18F452 microcontroller
and Mplab C18 student edition c compiler for pic 18f series

would like to do some projects here

pc serial to pic 3 axis stepper
finally got something moving with on pc signgo vinylcutting software
pic 18f452 stepper motor plotter

The code i used

a plot done on the pic 18f452 plotter
A1 size still no errors larger possible

A0 size 1100mm wide smile
at 0,006mm/step
= 183,333 steppulses
think it can go upto -8,388,608 to +8,388,607
and further if changed short long integer to long integer

dot matrix lcd module(hd44780 lcd controller) 2x16 2x20 etcetera
 external lcd functions mplab => xlcd.h
using a parallel interface 4 or 8bit

pic18f452 & lcd module  for 3phase ac motor frequency regulator inverter external display
inverter outputs a analog voltage wicht is translated to a human readable output on the dot matrix display in volt hertz or rpm

pic18f452 & lcd module  for binary input         =>   error display output
PLC ouputs a 8 bit error the display converts it to a human readable error

all low cost & low component count

after a day of puzzle and blank screen
finally got something on the lcd screen
more details will come later
changed/edited => c:\mcc18\h\xlcd.h
to 4bit data lower nibble portc and 3control_bits rs rw en on portd
launch/run/compile/build => c:\mcc18\src\traditional\makeonep18f242.bat 18f452
mistakes i made:
saw 15,16=back led for pin1,2 because of wierd pinout LCD 15,16,1,2, =>14
forget to set LCD contrast voltage

compiler complained about a few things in my source
config decl
some info i have to place
Simplified Configuration Bits Support

The configuration bits syntax has now been built-in to the compiler, to allow for easy setting of these values.  Instead of custom romdata sections or the CONFIG_DECL macro, a simple elegant syntax is supported.  For
   #pragma config OSC = HS
   #pragma config WDT = OFF
   #pragma config LVP = OFF

The compiler will even print a list of available configuration bits when the --help-config command-line option is given.  For example:
   > mcc18 --help-config -p=18f452
   Configuration settings available for processor 18F452
     Oscillator Selection:
       OSC = LP            LP
       OSC = XT            XT
       OSC = HS            HS
       OSC = RC            RC
       OSC = EC            EC-OSC2 as Clock Out
       OSC = ECIO          EC-OSC2 as RA6
       OSC = HSPLL         HS-PLL Enabled
       OSC = RCIO          RC-OSC2 as RA6

     Osc. Switch Enable:
       OSCS = ON           Enabled
       OSCS = OFF          Disabled

Damn OERR overflow error => Help me?
Changed to a 11.0592 x4 PLL for a nicer zero error SPBRG val
A bit overclocked 40Mhz PIC =>  44.236.800Hz

something that puzzles me
plotter cutter blade steering arc compensation
so that the cutter will produce sharp corners
the drag knive does not follow the movement exactly
so its shopping off corners
the swivel drag knife cutterblade steering arc
swivel compensation
have you ever thought about that
Hmmm => ProCutZ+: Schneidesoftware mit Offsetkompensation ...
so there is software out there
there is also letscut also do not like it
easycut says it does blade steering radius compensation and software looks good
pitty there is no working demo

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