Old NO good
Plotter 3axis stepper
serial xon xoff flowcontrol
microchip pic 18f452

17 jan 2005
Old NO good
recieve interrupt rc
less or zero

23 march 2005
This works for me xon/xoff flowcontrol SourceCode
Pstep new version 001

Plotter movie of above code

SignGo vinyl cutting software sends the serial data to pic 18f452

PIC may also be nice
to Update the
Easy to use
industrial engraving/marking

MicroChip Mplab-c18
Student Edition
C compiler for pic 18 series

Microchip Application Maestro Software
 ‘C’ functions, which helps the user to transmit
and receive data through FIFO (First-in-First-out) buffer .
uses the interrupt based transmission and reception of the data.